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Kids with Capes

What To Expect At Your Visit


Make sure you or your child are dressed comfortably.  Have a snack and drink before hand, but try to avoid caffeine or other stimulants. No need to skip your regular morning coffee, if that is part of your routine.


I may spend the first half of the visit, getting to know you and your goals.  We will then start the hypnotherapy.  You will always be able to hear and be aware of my voice.  You will be able to control the depth of your hypnosis and come out of it any time you wish.   


These sessions will be shorter than the 1st visit. After getting an update, we will dive right into hypnotherapy. 


After hypnotherapy, you might feel tired.  After all, it's a mental workout for your brain.  Allow yourself time and space afterwards to finish processing a session.   

What to Expect: About Therapy
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