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Examples of Available Services

Hypnotherapy and Health Education

Children Embracing in Circle
Young Girl
Mother and Daughter Love

Dry Nights

Say good bye to bedwetting!

Bed-wetting is very common, and the vast majority of children will independently outgrow this problem by their teen years without any intervention at all. 

However, if this issue causes distress, embarassment, impacts self-esteem, or prevents social interaction,  

then it's time to consider hypnotherapy.

Stronger Me

Self-esteem and Confidence Building

Everyone has experienced butterflies before a big event. Maybe it was a sports competition, dance recital, presentation, speech, or test.  Sometimes, those butterflies take over and prevent participation or completion of the task. 

We can use hypnotherapy to gently blow the butterflies to the side, out of the way.

Clear Picture

Understand Your Medical Diagnosis

Have you or your loved one been diagnosed with a medical condition, but would like to understand better what it is or

what your prescriptions do? 

Chat with Dr Chi. She uses everyday language to describe conditions and medications. 

A clear picture empowers you to know

what you need to do next.

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